5. Audio MP3 No.1 Relaxation, No.2 Confidence, OR No.4 Mindfulness





Audio MP3 recordings priced at £6.50 GBP each (please indicate your selection(s) on your General Order Form or in your email order):

1. Relaxation & Calm (Relaxation) – Audio MP3 No.1

Progressive therapeutic relaxation for reducing stress and developing greater peace and calm in everyday life (approx. 23 mins) (£6.50).

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2. Hypnosis for Confidence & Self-Efficacy (Self-Hypnosis) – Audio MP3 No.2

Developing increased self-confidence, self-esteem & personal empowerment through self-hypnosis (approx. 18.5 mins) (£6.50).


3. Body-Breath-Mind Mindful Meditation (Meditation) – Audio MP3 No.4

Mindfulness-based meditation – towards peace, equilibrium and self-mastery through mindful self-awareness (approx. 19 mins) (£6.50).

CAUTION! DO NOT LISTEN to any of these recordings whilst DRIVING or OPERATING MACHINERY.

PLEASE NOTE: These products DO NOT automatically download on payment. Please use the Contact Form on the Contact page to advise us of your purchase and we will acknowledge receipt by email and provide you with a link via which you can download your MP3(s) (usually via WeTransfer). (WeTransfer operates a free service for this – you DO NOT have to sign up for anything.)


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