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I Am The Breath Of Life

From the Kaushitaki Upanishad (Juan Mascaro)

I Am The Breath Of Life [Click to follow link]


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Who [or What] Am I?

Adapted from the verse “What Am I?” in “Meditation”, by James Hewitt

Who [or What] Am I? [Link to come]


Seek Out The Way

From “Light on the Path”, by Mabel Collins

Seek Out The Way [Link to come]



Max Ehrman
Found in Old Saint Paul’s Church, Baltimore; dated 1692

Desiderata: Go placidly amid the noise and haste.. [Link to come]


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Inspirational Quotations


Inspirational Quotations – 1 [Click to follow link]


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Inspirational Quotations – 2 [Link to come]


Inspirational Quotations – 3 [Link to come]


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