Spiritual Guidance on Love, Life Purpose, Career, Health and More


Do you believe that your life is divinely guided? That you have a special life or soul purpose, or a soul-mate relationship that is destined to happen, or you are in a relationship that has much to teach you (but you are struggling to understand the lessons), or that your individual talents and creativity are crying out to be put to their true and highest purpose, or that your illness/dis-ease is a lesson and a teaching process for you to learn what needs to be healed in your life? Would you like to be able to hear and receive your divine guidance more accurately and have more confidence/ belief/ trust in your spiritual support team, so that you are able to move forwards purposefully in your life? Do you believe that you have angelic and spirit guides, but you are unclear or confused about what they are trying to communicate to you?

Welcome to Inspired Potential, where you can gain access to much of that support and clarity! As a spiritual intuitive, healer, counsellor, therapist and Certified Angel Card ReaderTM, I can help you receive the supportive, loving and encouraging messages that your spirit guides and angels would like to give to you. A personal intuitive reading – with the enhanced clarity provided by Angel oracle cards, Angel tarot cards and other spiritual tools – can help give you valuable information, guidance and encouragement on your life journey, whether in the realms of love, relationships, work, finance, career, life-purpose, health, healing, emotions, wellbeing or other areas. So please do come on over, check out what’s on offer and make contact if you feel guided to do so – I look forward to hearing from you! x Anelize x. (Readings: http://www.inspiredpotential.co.uk/?page_id=26 )

Please note: Angel oracle and Angel tarot card readings and advice are for insight only. No readings will be given to any persons considered to be vulnerable or impressionable, including anyone under the age of 18 years. Any information given should not be considered a substitute for medical, financial, legal, psychological or other specialist advice.

Inspired Potential (Home Page: http://www.inspiredpotential.co.uk/ ). Personal Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Counselling, Angel Card Readings, Self-Help & Therapy Audios MP3s CDs, Relaxation, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Healing, Personal Development, Soul Journey Mentoring, and More. (Audios: http://www.inspiredpotential.co.uk/?page_id=246 ) (Shop: http://www.inspiredpotential.co.uk/?post_type=product )


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