Meditation & Hypnosis MP3s


Meditation, Relaxation & Hypnosis MP3s


A number of relaxation, meditation and self-hypnosis MP3 audio recordings are available for purchase. See below for details.


DO NOT LISTEN to any of these recordings whilst DRIVING or OPERATING MACHINERY. As far as possible, listen in a place where you can sit comfortably and quietly without interruption or disturbance. It is also okay to listen to a recording whilst lying in bed before going to sleep – but you may fall asleep before the end!


MP3 Audio Recordings


The following MP3 audios are available:
No.1: Relaxation & Calm (Relaxation) (£6.50 GBP) – Progressive therapeutic relaxation for reducing stress and developing greater peace and calm in everyday life (approx. 23 mins) – Purchase this if you wish, but you get it for FREE when you sign up for our Newsletter!;
No.2: Hypnosis for Confidence & Self-Efficacy (Self-Hypnosis) (£6.50 GBP) – Develop increased self-confidence, self-esteem & personal empowerment through self-hypnosis (approx. 18.5 mins);
No.3: Yoga-Based Relaxation (Relaxation) (£7.99 GBP) – A deeply relaxing process based on the traditional Hatha Yoga practice of Yoga Nidra (literally meaning “yoga sleep”) (approx. 30 mins);
No.4: Body-Breath-Mind Mindful Meditation (Meditation/Mindfulness) (£6.50 GBP) – Mindfulness-based meditation – towards peace, equilibrium and self-mastery through mindful self-awareness (approx. 19 mins);
No.5: Self-Healing Meditation (Meditation) (£7.99 GBP) – Progressive relaxation and guided meditation/visualisation – “revitalising body and mind with golden healing light energy” (approx. 30 mins).

To purchase MP3 audio recordings: MP3s purchased will be delivered to you by a transfer agent (usually WeTransfer) to your email Inbox. Please complete the Contact Form (see “Contact” page) indicating your selection(s). Please provide your name, street address and email address (and check that these are correct). Then go to the Shop to pay for your item(s). You can pay by credit or debit card or via your PayPal account if you have one.

Coming soon! 

The following MP3 audios will soon be available: Progressive Muscle Release Relaxation (Relaxation); Hypnosis for Social Confidence (incl. Public Speaking/Positive Presentations) (Self-Hypnosis); Hypnosis for Goal Visualisation (Self-Hypnosis); other Guided Meditation/Visualisation MP3s.

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