Meditation & Hypnosis CDs


Meditation, Relaxation & Hypnosis CDs


A number of relaxation, meditation and self-hypnosis audio CDs will shortly be available for purchase. See below for details.


DO NOT LISTEN to any of these recordings whilst DRIVING or OPERATING MACHINERY. As far as possible, listen in a place where you can sit comfortably and quietly without interruption or disturbance. It is also okay to listen to a recording whilst lying in bed before going to sleep – but you may fall asleep before the end!


CD Audio Recordings


The following audio CDs can be purchased: Progressive Deep Relaxation (Relaxation); Relaxation, Self-Esteem & Social Confidence (Relaxation & Self-Hypnosis); Mindfulness & Self-Healing (Meditation & Mindfulness); Self-Empowerment & Goal Visualisation (Self-Hypnosis). Visit our Shop to see what’s in stock and to find out more.

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